What is OwnYourInfo?

OwnYourInfo is a new way to manage your important and private information. Whether you need to retrieve health insurance information or a frequent flyer number, OwnYourInfo ensures simplicity, security and a comprehensive set of templates to help you access and share your information.

How much does OwnYourInfo cost?

OwnYourInfo is free for a basic account and $5/monthly for a premium account. See sign up for details on the advantages of a premium account.

How much storage is available? Will I be able to upload all of my documents?

Basic accounts allow up to 25 encrypted documents. Premium accounts come with 30 GB file storage.

How do I create a strong password?

We recommend that you use 14 characters or more; the greater the variety of characters in your password, the better. It is advised that when creating a password, you try to use the entire keyboard, not just the characters and numbers that you see most often.

I receive OwnYourInfo daily summary and newsletter emails. How do I manage email notifications from OwnYourInfo?

All of your email preferences can be updated in OwnYourInfo's account options section.


Is OwnYourInfo secure?

OwnYourInfo is extremely secure - as secure as any online banking system. Your data is stored in our SAS 70-type II secure datacenter. See our Privacy policy for more information.

Is my data private?

All information shared using OwnYourInfo is protected with optional access limitations and a data usage license agreement that all recipients must agree to.

Who owns my data?

You own your data and ultimately determine how and by whom that data is used. See our Privacy policy for more information.

How is my data used?

You determine who has access to your data. We we will NEVER sell or share your data. See our Privacy policy for more information.